311 Turntable Spinner Hat Pin- Don't Tread On Me variant (FREE Shipping/Tracking)

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The 8th design in a new series of pins we are doing, I'm very proud to present to all of you the 311 turntable spinner- Don't Tread On Me variant!

I'm really happy with how much detail Grace was able to capture in this design. This was another cover that worried me a lil before we started this series but quickly I knew once we got here she would knock it out of the park.

So I have wanted to do a series of album pins for 311 & thought this would be something different/new. For these pins we have decided to use the album cover art instead of the image that was on the cd. This pin came out similar to the Music album cover in the sense that we were able to recreate the actual album image rather than recreate it in our interpretation. Hope you slinkies & brodels dig it as much as I do!

Since our main man SA only uses Technics that was the only option for the base, we even were able to include a lil 311 in them. The black circle in the middle is to make it look more like a record rather than a slip mat cover.

Now you might be asking yourself "Why didn't we cut out the middle of the record to make it look more authentic?" The answer is simple we were going to do so but then the record would have had to have been stationary & we couldn't have that 😎.

The turntable is 2.25in long, double backed with rubber backs,& a back stamp
The record itself is 1.5in long & spins
Le 113

-Limit 1 per household for the 1st hour. This will give as many people as possible to score. If you get more than 1 pin in your order it will be fully refunded. After that they are fair game