Custom Pins

CUSTOM PINS (Updated on 1/4/2021)

Over the few years that we've been in business, we have acquired an incredible amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to creating custom pins.  In addition to our own designs, we have been extremely fortunate to be able to work with a number of different bands - helping them bring their ideas into pin form as official merchandise.  So far, we have had the opportunity to make pins for:

311, Tauk, Papadosio, Umphree's McGee, Bumpin Uglies Fruition, Consider the Source, OrgoneImagine Music Festival,& Digital Gardens Music Festival

Of course, we have also had a number of other clients that have had a need for a custom design - and we are glad to help anybody we can!!


Check out the GB Collection for examples of our original work!




 Why are Pins becoming such a popular piece of merchandise to make and sell or use as promotion?

  • Pins are small, lightweight, durable and detailed all at once - making them a wonderful long-term keepsake that won’t take up much space
  • Pins can become collectible if they are numbered and limited in quantity, or are a super popular design. No different than sports cards, comic cards/books, pokemon, etc
  • The cost of manufacturing is low enough to have many options with pricing


What are the various steps in the overall pin-making process?

  • Creating the design - upon receiving any artwork or direction for the design, it will be translated into a pin proof and sent to the client for approval
  • Solidifying the design - the following specifics will be discussed and decided on with the client: size, colors from the Pantone color-book, metal type, any glow, glitter, gemstones etc.
  • Deciding on quantity - You can pretty much any quantity you want but, the more you decide to make the less expensive they get. Usually most customers make 25-50 of a single design/variant.
  • Getting the quote - the approved design(s) will be sent to one of our manufacturers with the quantities and any other specific details, and receive the quote(s) and proof(s) within 1-3 days
  • Approving the quote, submitting payment - after sending the quote(s) and proof(s) to the client for approval, either an invoice will be sent, or revisions will be made if necessary.
  • Putting pins into production - upon receipt of payment, we pay our manufacturer and begin production.  The usual lead time once the order is paid for is 10-20 days depending on how busy they are and the requirements of the order. Customers will most likely have their order in hand in 3-4 weeks from date of payment

**It is smart to budget anywhere from 4-6 weeks from the time you start seriously designing the pin to the time it’s in your hand. More complex designs/orders can take longer to make. Like any industry, there is a certain margin of error to be prepared for.**

**The beginning of the process (solidifying the design) is usually more time-consuming than expected, because the design needs to be translated into a format that is virtually a coloring book with outlines to be filled with color.  If an initial idea isn’t quite developed to that point, we can help get it there, but sometimes it requires a few rounds of back and forth emails to get everything just right, and ready for submission.**

**If for some reason you have us help you put a design together/get it into proof form but decide to go somewhere else to have it made, that's fine. We will still need to be paid an artist fee for our time though FYI.**


What is the spectrum of the cost per pin?


The factors that come most into play are size, detail, and quantity.  A simple, 3-5 color design that is 1-1.5 inches at its largest point and made in a quantity of 500 could cost as little as $1-$2/pin.  On the other end, a complex, 10-12+ color design with glow, glitter, cut out(s), or a moving part that is 1.5 or more inches would probably be more like $2-5/pin for the same quantity of 500.  Obviously, cost would go up for lower quantities - we usually get multiple quantity quotes for comparison.  


How much do pins sell for?


The spectrum of what pins are worth, or what they can be sold for, is quite incredible. The easy answer is usually anywhere from $5 to $20… but it can get way more lucrative than that.  Depending on some of the same qualifications as the above question, such as size, detail, and quantity (or rarity,) combined with how popular that design is, a pin can be valued sometimes higher than $200-$300.  It's all about what the buyer values it at.

**FYI we always keep 1 of any design(s) we help any client make to have for our portfolio. This way we are able to show future potential clients some of the things that can be done. Also we always put "Produced by GB Unique Creations" on the back stamp of all pins we help make.. That is ONLY if space provides after the clients info and/or numbering**