Our Story

Our entrepreneurial journey began in the summer of 2013, when we created our company, G.B. Unique Creations.  The shared passion we have for music and art, combined with each of our individual backgrounds in education and the workplace provided the perfect foundation for the start of our business.  Ryan's experience in retail as well as working in a shipping and mail store has helped in so many ways, including customer service, sales and marketing, and of course shipping!  My background is in art and design, so I am extremely happy to be using my Bachelors in Art in such a rewarding way.  I also have spent a few years working in an administrative position when my dad had his own company, so I am familiar with the behind the scenes things, like accounting and any formal writing we may need done.  Together, we form an incredible team, who aim to create and share beautiful designs to inspire the masses!
Since our humble beginnings, we have tried to nurture the growth of our company by adding to our merchandise selection to reach a more diverse customer base.  We focus mainly on lapel pin designs, however we also design patches and are branching out in other ways, too.  Many of our items are related to specific musical artists or groups, as well as pop culture mash-up ideas.  With our more intricate designs, we take pride in using a lot of symbolic references to add depth to the piece, even if it is a 2-5 inch piece of artwork.  All of our designs are created with love, and we try to infuse that into each item we produce!
More recently, we have taken to also supporting other small businesses with beautiful and unique products.  We love the dual action of giving to other entrepreneurs while also receiving appreciation from our clients for having such a wonderful selection.  It has been a pleasure to bring such items to our customers, whether they are online or in person.
While we are passionate about our growth in e-commerce, we also seek other vending opportunities!  We have been fortunate enough to get a good amount of experience over the past few years through various local and regional events, and have finally had the chance to vend a few festivals!  
So far, this adventure has been a whirlwind roller coaster ride that has taken us up and down and all over - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!  Whatever the challenges though, we love building this business together and try to be open to guidance on the path towards our goals of supporting ourselves into a future life filled with joy and abundance!
Thank you for reading!
**Grace Morgan**