311 Turntable Pin Open Presale- Mosaic Variant (FREE Shipping/Tracking)

GB Unique Creations

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Open Presale for Mosaic turntable pin
(Please read FULL description about presale/production time)

Once again Grace had to get a lil abstract with the design considering the original artwork. Just like Grassroots & UP we think she did a great job to capture as much detail as she could. Can you spot yourself in the album cover?

This round ALL 100 pins will be sold on the website. Pins will still be Le 113

Let me answer some possible ?'s you might have as to why it's being done this way-
1- Why are you doing an open presale?
The 311 pin market is very slow right now & I need these pins to all be sold if we continue this series. I also have a lot of $ tied up in my vending business/haven't been able to work as many gigs since the last 3 years & need to keep costs down where I can.
2- Why are all 100 pins being sold on your website? Are you worried set holders won't get theirs?
I think this will streamline the shipping process. I'm also not worried about set holders securing theirs since last time I originally had the presale open for 2 weeks & it took 7 total.
3- How long will it take for me to get my items in hand?
Depends on how quickly these sell/go into production but I'd say 6-10 weeks
4- Can we buy more than 1 pin this round?
Deals on multiple, $5 off per extra turntable you buy. Discount automatically applied at checkout. All orders in December come with an extra freebie too!
5- If all 100 of these pins DON'T sell, will these still be made?
Not trying to sit on a bunch of stock in a slow market. If pins don't get sold/made, all customers will be fully refunded. Hopefully this won't happen.

I hope everyone understand where I'm coming from. I didn't wanna do it this way but felt it's my only option considering all the circumstances.