Interstellar Dankness 311 Hat Pin- Blind Bag Single (FREE Shipping/Tracking)

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Interstellar Dankness
Idea/theme by us
Art by Sketchy Eddie
So recently we teamed up with fellow local NC pin head/artist Eddie Lenzer aka Sketchy Eddie to put his signature style on a 311 design. We gave him some idea's/theme's & let him go nuts. Personally we think he knocked it out of the park. If this is your 1st time seeing Eddie's style then def check out his work. The man & his talents are going places. Check out his FB page- The Art of Sketchy Eddie
Specs- Le 40, 2.5in long, 1.8mm thick, 2 cut outs, triple posted with rubber backings,& back stamp giving love to Eddie as well as my company.
Variants as follows(going from top left to bottom right)-
Neon Dream- glitter bombed with epoxy
Spooky Apparition- white with glitter on anodized metal, epoxy
Gubb- FULL glow with epoxy
Rasta- soft enamel
Classic- soft enamel
Rainbow Raw
**FYI this listing is for Blind Bags ONLY. That means that you will receive 1 of the 6 pins shown above & your in will be selected at random**

LIMIT 1 PER HOUSEHOLD FOR THE 1ST 24 HOURS. After that if any are left they are fair game. Anyone who doesn't follow this rule will have their FULL ORDER REFUNDED. Like other recent drops we want as many people as possible to have a chance to score
(FYI that means if you score a set then you can't get a single & vice versa)
Good luck to all